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Whether you are a master time-keeper or just someone who casually glances at the time now and then, we all need to know the time at one point of the day or another. At Ignition Marketing our promotional time range was compiled with brand exposure in mind, so we sourced the best time pieces that are eye catching and practical. From desk and wall clocks to trendy wrist watches, we have a long list of products to ensure your branding requirements are fully met. Each product in the range is reflective of impressive aesthetics, unique designs and offer value-adding capability.

Our timepieces are made of quality materials, which will truly stand the test of time, no pun intended. From expertly built interfaces with little nooks and crannies, every part of our branded time products is made to withstand various customization processes. Time products are useful and appeal to everyone from upmarket executives, to new staff, and to consumers across the board. We have a timepiece to suit every occasion and person. Our selection of items will not only help a host of people stay on schedule, but also help your brand gain maximum exposure in the right circles. 


Why choose corporate time items:

-These items are practical and will be used regularly, thus ensuring continued brand exposure.

-Products which are related to time are used by everyone, helping you access a larger consumer market.

-These products help people stay organised, efficient and thus productive. This in turn positively impacts your brand image.

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