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How Branded Shirts Could Lead to Your Brand’s Success

Shirts are an excellent way to increase brand awareness simply because they are worn so many times. At Ignition we provide an extensive selection of promotional shirts that come in various styles, colours and fits that will suit everyone. The shirts in our range are high quality and trend proof ensuring they don’t go out of style and last even after a few tosses in the wash.

Our corporate shirts are versatile and can be used as a gifting or sponsorship option or even as uniform. Uniform shirts encourage unity while a give-away shirts increase and create brand loyalty, either way you can never lose with a shirt. These items can be easily customised to suit a particular vision or idea which makes them perfect to showcase the essence of your brand. We have a wide variety of shirts which start from the classic bush shirt to the more laid-back racer shirts, the options are endless.


Why choose branded shirts

-Shirts increase a brands visibility and recognition status. The brand will always be seen, as shirts are worn often. People also tend to become more familiar with a brand after seeing it on a clothing item. 

-Shirts serve as a cost-effective marketing technique. The production of shirts is fast and affordable.

-Shirts are durable and long lasting. They can provide a brand with long lasting exposure.

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