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Every brand of business is on the lookout for a promotional idea that will increase their exposure effectively and affordably. In a world of high-tech gadgets and innovative creations, we tend to overlook the useful items that can be used daily. One of those basic items are breath mints. They never tire and are always appreciated.  This makes it a great branding option that will not only ensure recipients’ have minty fresh breath but remember your brand too. At Ignition we have a wide range of promotional mints that are good on the palate and attractively presented or packaged as well. 

We have a variety of packaging options from tin, to clear plastic dispensers and plastic pop up cases to mention a few. The specially designed cases can accommodate your branding requirements and be re-purposed as well. Corporate mints can be given at meetings, promotional events, seminars, inductions, the possibilities are endless. Clients and recipients won’t easily forget these breath fresheners and by carrying them around in their pockets, have the potential to show off your brand inadvertently in places you’d never expect – press conferences, at the driving range, in the board room…you name it. So why not refresh your market exposure by getting you brand on a pack of branded mints today.

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