Let Your Brand Cover the Summer Sun with the Perfect Beach Umbrella

We all love the beach…well most of us do. Whether you are out on the water’s edge or relaxing on warm sand, a beach umbrella is a very useful item. Here at Ignition Marketing we stock a wide selection of these sought-after beach utensils, including the most vibrant colored of beach umbrellas. From foldable umbrellas to umbrellas with UV protection, the list is unique and the options extensive. Our branded beach umbrellas are large enough to fit more than one or two people underneath and also has enough room on top for your every branding need. From logos and slogans, to pictures and information, let your brands creative side show. 

All our umbrellas are durably structured and designed to tackle the elements so that you can use them for many a beach getaways. Promotional beach umbrellas are well received by everyone and will never go to waste. It doesn’t matter if they just whipped out in Summer or handed over to great aunt Tess, an umbrella is always used. Road shows, Summer parties and large events always have large amount of sponsored corporate beach umbrellas propped up, so why not add yours to the mix – we assure you, you will outshine them all thanks to our stunning range. 

Branded Beach-Umbrellas from our Shop

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