Let Them Know You Got Their Backs

Unforeseen events are a part of life from a little cut and bruise or a major motor meltdown, we can never predict a situation. However, being prepared for them can be a definite game changer – that’s were Ignition Marketing comes in. We have a wide range of emergency kits that span from auto malfunction kits to crisis emergency kits. Each kit is tailor made and contains the relevant items to help you in a time of need. Remind your clients, customers and employees you care by investing in promotional emergency kits.

All our kits are made of reliable materials that will combat all the odds to provide you with reliable emergency assistance. Corporate emergency kits can be successfully used in marketing/promotional campaigns and the exposure is endless. These kits are both affordable, handy and have a constant, ongoing need. This will ensure your brand is in the public eye and always connected to ultimate reliability and care. Branded emergency kits can help forge authentic loyalty and trust around your organisation, and many enterprises are already using these promotional products as a stepping stone to greater heights.

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