Kitting out Your Employees or Volunteers

The very nature of non-profit work demands that your brand is always visible to the general public. This is beneficial in terms of attracting sponsors and promoting awareness of the represented charitable cause to the general public as well as those affected. You can easily achieve this by kitting out your employees or volunteers in Ignition Marketing’s immensely large range of quality corporate, promotional and branded clothing at events, rallies and other meetings.

It is also a good idea to maintain and solidify the rapport you’ve built up with all of your relevant stakeholders, staff and volunteers. Our range of branded, corporate and promotional gifts are perfect as small tokens of appreciation for all of the hard work and investment that often needs to go into a non-profit organisation.

Contact Ignition Marketing today to find out exactly how your non-profit organisation, or related service offering, can benefit from our fantastic selection of branded, promotional and corporate gifts as well as clothing.

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