Ponchos Can Help You Cover Rainy Days with Maximum Exposure

Don’t we all just hate those unexpected rainy days which leave us looking a mess. Here at Ignition we thought of the perfect solution for the unexpected weather changes. A branded poncho is an inexpensive effective way to get your brand or company noticed.

We have a variety of colours and styles that will serve as a perfect base for your brand. Our flexible corporate poncho options are made from the best water and wind proof materials that are designed to perfectly fit people of all shapes and sizes. Our promotional poncho also comes in compact sized containers that can hook onto a bag as a keyring or conveniently fit inside your pocket, ensuring you are covered against the harsh elements.

A poncho is a widely distributed item that can help you cover grounds with maximum exposure. The resilience of our ponchos will associate your brand as being strong and trusted, further encouraging people to choose your brand first, when needing the services you provide.

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