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Branding assists consumers in distinguishing the good from the bad and helps them ultimately make a decision on an item by just taking one glance at it. We understand that first impressions do last. That’s why here at Ignition Marketing we took time through diligent (and ongoing) research to get to know the overall market, so that we can supply you with customised items that will certainly help your brand gain more than just exposure from the onset. We offer a host of branded home living solutions that can easily be adapted to your individual needs and preferences.

All our items are manufactured from the highest quality of materials which carry designs that go beyond the norm. Our promotional home product range is wide and starts with everything from relaxing fragranced candles and diffusers to handy retractable clothes-lines, velvet hangers and more. We provide an array of options which will see your brand in all types of homes everywhere. This range includes functionality and practicality as well as a balanced advertising platform.

Our corporate home living range also contains items that span from elegant and sophisticated to minimalistic and simple. This makes it appeal to an all-round market which will help your brand move up the ranks in a shorter space of time. Our range is therefore well-balanced, all-encompassing and enables the widest reach possible to your target market so that you can boost your brand to heights you never thought were achievable with our impressionable corporate gifts.

Our Popular Branded Home Living for 2020

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