Branded Pet Products: Pet friendly gifts for pet owners

Branded Pet Accessories

No one can resist the charm of a fluffy, furry friend be it a wet-nosed dog or a feisty cat, pets have the ability to pull on our heart strings. Here at Ignition Marketing we have acknowledged the unconventional and noted the trends to bring you corporate gifts that not only complements your brand but also the oh-so-fashionable pet or owner using it.

We have a wide range of items that span from retractable leashes and blankets to pet inspired clothing that is sure to leave your brand on the receiving end of some serious attention. Animals have the ability to grab people’s attention so why not have them sport corporate pet accessories that ooze your brands logo or name. All our branded pet accessories are made of durable and high quality, dependable materials that will ensure that your brand is represented come sunshine, rain or a roll in the mud.

Pet accessories can be a great way to gain exposure be it a sponsorship to a veterinary clinic, charity, guide-dog event or a gesture to staff and clients, the list of uses is endless. Pets are no doubt the perfect brand ambassadors and will ultimately speak your brand’s ethos in loudest and most appealing way.

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