Corporate Gifts; What is Branded Thermal Mugs

Branded Thermal mugs are convenient items used to keep beverages at an ideal temperature. At Ignition Marketing, we stock branded thermal mugs that are classy and practical. Our mugs are quality produced to provide users with strong and durable items that well represent any progressive brand.

The range is also wide and the variety of options for corporate thermal mugs will leave you spoilt for choice.

These mugs are not only effective in maintaining temperature of beverages, but are equally well designed with ample room for customisation options. Corporate thermal mugs are also very well received by everyone as they are useful and easy to use – especially in summer, winter or literally whenever drinking a hot or cold beverage.

This also makes these mugs versatile enough for outdoor or indoor use. The promotional thermal mugs we supply are sought after items that offer great use and much in terms of boosting brand power and market awareness. Contact us for your corporate gifting needs for 2020.

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