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With Valentines Day so close, a lot of businesses are skipping this important day, and are not showing their love to their customers and staff. Valentines Day can be a very exciting and meaningful day to celebrate with your customers with promotional gifts. These gifts show them the necessary “love” the customer needs to keep your business relationship open. Combining a Valentines Day special with a free gift or a discount code for a next purchase is the best way to attract prospects to your sales conversations.

Personalisation in corporate gifts has come a long way and has always had a positive impact on the receiver, there is nothing better than having your name printed on a item which was given to you on Valentines. Subconsciously the customer will see their name with a company’s logo and the connection will be made in the receivers mind. To increase the connection with the receiver, use a very useful product, for example using Flashdrives, Headphones, Mobile Accessories are always winners. These products will increase the connection between your brand and the receiver.

The most important point to remember when planning your Valentines Day Gifts, is to not think about “Selling”, but more about saying “Thank you” to the customer. That might mean that you will not generate sales from these gifts but more a relationship which can be more valuable than just one sale.

When planning for your Valentines Marketing strategy, think about the following questions:

  • What does this business relationship mean to your business.
  • How long has this business relationship been active.
  • What services or products do they use the most.
  • How does the branded gift tie into your business and theirs.

If you need any assistance this Valentines Day with corporate gifts or branded valentines day gifts please feel free to contact us for suggestions and ideas!




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