Why do you need the middle man for promotional products?

There are many great benefits for using a middle man in comparison to using a very large company that doesn’t care about your business and is only trying to push large quantities of products. At Ignition we try to understand your business, suggest things that might work well and we know where to get the best items to suit your business.

Its important to be able to rely on your promotional partner so if something does go wrong you are able to trust they will sort it out with out any headaches it usually takes with much larger suppliers.

Ignition offer an excellent service in suggesting products specific for your industry and are willing to supply samples and a speedy quotation to make sure the process is  professionally  completed to make you look good and take your brand to the next level.

Ignition also understands that there are certain regulations when it comes to ethic codes and corporate compliance. So we insure that there is no under age “sweat shop” suppliers and guarantee all products are tested and pass all heath regulations.

The most important reason to use Ignition promotional products is relationship. We make sure we help you save time finding the right products and then make the whole process as effortless as possible to make sure that we can understand and grow with your brand.

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