SA’s Most Popular Corporate Gifts in 2017

Gift giving in today’s business world is vital to promote customer loyalty, demonstrate appreciation of both clients and employees and to ensure that your brand stays top of mind and is favoured above your competitors. There is an ever-growing number of gift options available and companies seeking to be noticed often desire to give gifts that are popular or to be one of the first to give a gadget that is new on the market.

We at Ignition Marketing are keenly aware that fads come and fads go, so we make sure that we are aware of the trends and to know when to jump onto the branding wagon or not.

Novelty Gifts

Twenty-first century living involves a fast-paced high-stress work environment which probably explains why stress relievers, fun puzzles and games make extremely popular gifts. Notably, 2017 saw the rise of the fidget spinner which quickly gained massive popularity and was followed by the fidget cube. These gadgets are not only fun but are said to relieve stress and boost concentration which made them ideal office items. Unlike the old-fashioned yoyo which has remained ever-popular, it seems these gadgets have lost their sparkle and this trend seems to be on its way out.


This is probably the most technology savvy generation in history and this has led to the development of more and more gadgets and accessories flooding the market and making ideal corporate gifts. The last few years have seen USB flash drives taking on almost any shape including credit card drives that easily fit into your wallet, dual purpose USB/pens, wristbands or customised to the shape of your logo or icon as both useful and memorable marketing gadgets. Items such as stylish earphones, Bluetooth speakers and useful powerbanks have ranked highly among the most popular gifts of the year.

Lifestyle and Homeware

There is a trend towards giving more high-end gifts for clients to use at home and in their leisure time which then associates the brand with happy memories. Clients desiring stylish and impressive homeware have favoured Le Creuset’s range of items such as casserole dishes, whistling kettles, spoon rests, salt and pepper sets and the ever-popular waiter’s friend which not only removes corks but has a built-in foilcutting blade and bottle opener.

Other popular choices include nifty lunchboxes, steak knives, carving sets and coffee makers which are sure-fire winners with those java lovers.

Bags and Backpacks

An increasing number of people are working from home or on the road on mobile devices and so backpacks, particularly those designed to carry laptops and tablets, have been a firm favourite for executives on the move. Branded bags make ideal corporate gifts as they are used daily, taken everywhere and branding is then highly visible to the public. Women’s handbags continue to be a clear choice as they provide a practical but stylish purpose. These can be customised to include clever phrases or even personalised with her name so that she is sure to tell the world where she got her beautiful bag.Braai sets, coolers and picnic bags complete with a branded picnic blanket are much enjoyed in our lovely South African sun and these remain high of the list of favoured corporate gifts.


Mugs remain both practical and easily branded but colour changing mugs are option chosen as they add that fun and creative touch. This simple technology uses heat sensitive inks that slowly reveal the branded image only when a hot liquid is poured into the mug giving a wonderful surprise to the user.

Drinking bottles for active South Africans are also extremely useful as are items to keep beverages cool or hot such as a champagne bottle cooler or a travel mug that is kept warm via a car charger.

Gift Hampers

When in doubt, nothing beats delectable treats and a well-chosen gift hamper is always well received. Food hampers are particularly popular as gifts of appreciation for staff members and can be customised to include a variety of goodies based on your budget and personalised to suite the person’s tastes. In fact, personalising gifts is a major trend across all corporate gift options because adding this special touch communicates the importance of that person and is highly appreciated. Naturally, top quality chocolate or nuts in branded packaging top the list of items to include in a hamper. Other ideas are delicious cheese and biscuits with a branded cutting board or cheese knife. A bottle of superb wine is an ideal partnering. Another popular choice is a care hamper with aromatic bath and shower products to soothe away stress.

Not sure what to choose? Leave it to us. At Ignition Marketing, we take care of each client from start to finish and will give you the perfect gift suggestions for your campaign based on your needs and your budget. Our focus is to give you the best ROI for your brand in the long term so we always keep the corporate gifting trends in mind and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

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