The wonders of Social Media

Did you know that social media accounts for approximately 25% of time consumers spend online? No wonder big brands on the forefront of innovation are including platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in their marketing plans. For new brands, social media exposure leads to increased exposure and brand awareness. And established brands enjoy the benefit of increased traffic to their websites which in itself, has its SEO benefits.

With consumers spending more and more time on social media platforms, social media marketing has become the fastest growing influencer in the digital environment.

For social media campaigns to be effective, they need to incorporate a few elements otherwise they can fall flat. Social media campaigns are most effective when the offer value and when they engage consumers by interaction and prompting. Quality of posts should be taken into consideration and the buzz should be kept alive by using trending or current topics.

Targeting is like with traditional marketing plans, key. Social Media Management, as you can imagine, can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Outsourcing this imperative activity jumps to mind. Ignition Marketing realises this and offers Social Media Management as one of its online marketing tools. We provide content that foster a culture of connectivity and innovation, making sure it supplements and aligns with your overall marketing strategy.

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