How to Protect Your Website from the Google “Mobilegeddon” Update

With the recent changes to Google’s algorithm and in the wake of much online unrest, Ignition Marketing is here to help you understand what the future holds for online brands. As Google shifts more focus onto mobile searches, many brands are being penalised in one way or another for not having mobile friendly websites. This is why we are here to offer insight into how you can protect your online traffic volumes from unnecessary, and certainly unwanted, Google penalties.

Solution 1 – Ensuring Mobile Friendliness and Ease-of-Use

One sure-fire way to avoid being penalised for a non-mobile-friendly website is to simply optimise your site for mobile users. By ensuring that your site can be viewed, enjoyed and experienced to the fullest advantage from a mobile device, you can not only avoid the new penalties, but you can in fact capitalise on the opportunity to integrate the update into your online marketing and optimisation strategies in order to enhance your search rankings.

This is where you can rely on our proven expertise. We pride ourselves in remaining on the cutting edge of web development and changes influencing the dynamic online world as well as the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. Many brands will unfortunately only slowly adapt to the current changes, with many of these will only act decisively after being penalised or after finding a recognisable drop in ranking and online visibility.

With Ignition Marketing, you can offer your target market an adaptable website and internet marketing strategy that reflects world class standards and allows you to experience top placement in search engine rankings. Competitors who fail to respond to important trends will slowly fade from top results pages, while yours will show up more as you further benefit from offering a mobile-friendly interface. With our experts the results can also be achieved at highly competitive pricing, giving you maximum value for money.

Solution 2 – Create a Secondary Mobi-Site

Another option is to create a secondary, mobile-exclusive site that caters to all online traffic solely from mobile devices. This, when indexed properly, will negate any potential Google penalties, as your site will not be hindering the online experience of mobile users. However, this can become more expensive to maintain than the former solution, and may not be the ideal choice while Google irons out and perfects their recent changes to the algorithm. Nonetheless, if you already have a website that has been extensively built and migrating to a responsive platform is currently out of reach, then the mobi route can prove to offer a practical answer right now.

Ignition Marketing offers both front end and back end web development for mobile friendly websites. Feel free to get in touch with us today to also find out exactly how we can help your enterprise grow by increasing organic traffic to your business’ mobile and desktop websites.

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