The “Mobilegeddon” Update and What it could mean for Online Brands

On April 21st, Google announced that it would be releasing its new algorithm update, famously dubbed by journalists as the “Mobilegeddon” update. This change is one of the largest since Caffeine and Panda, and is primarily focussed on mobile internet activity.

This will be affecting both large and small brands, reputable and unknown, as it will start taking mobile usability and responsiveness into account. This includes how a website resizes and reshapes the content, as well as how easy the website is to navigate and experience, when being viewed from a mobile device.

The Positive and Negative Effects

Unfortunately, this update is going to be positive for some brands, while others may see harsh declines in online interactivity and traffic. On one hand, brands like restaurants and those related to social activity will likely see a great boost to their online traffic, since their target market is more inclined to search for related brands while out and about. On the other hand, brands like furniture stores and real estate agencies will likely lose a share of their online following, since these products and services are often searched for from the comfort of consumers’ homes.

Google’s Strategy for the Future


While we can’t always predict exactly what’s going to happen in the near future, it’s important to note Google’s intent with this update. Google understands that the majority of searches are shifting over to mobile platforms, as consumers realise that they no longer need to sit in front of a computer or laptop to search for goods or services they need. Instead, users can simply search on the fly, regardless of what they need, and make more rapid decisions – saving time, money and effort.

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