Mothers’ Day – For Clients and Staff

Mothers’ Day has quickly evolved into a worldwide phenomenon and is celebrated in nearly every country in the world on various dates. For us South Africans, this important day of celebration falls on the second Sunday of May. We use this day to show our mothers or mother figures appreciation for all of their endeavours and efforts, in and out of the home.

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Ignition Marketing recognises the Mothers’ Day platform as an important marketing tool for your business. Our dynamic management and staff also come with a number of years of specialised training and experience in corporate gifting. Furthermore, many of our most satisfied clients include industry leaders in their fields, nationally and some even internationally. These recognizable brands attest to our uncompromising stance on quality and service delivery.

On top of all of this, Mothers’ Day also happens to be one of the best times to market your brand and business offering – whether SMME or multinational. While traditional marketing techniques go some way in allowing your brand to reach specific target groups, corporate gifting allows your brand to unobtrusively infiltrate your exact target market or even company – and this, although priceless, comes surprising at a very affordable rate through the use of a robust corporate gifting strategy.

The age-old technique of corporate gifting has allowed businesses to reaffirm bonds as well as create new partnerships moving forward. Although products and techniques are becoming more innovative the effectiveness of the strategy remains unchanged. The no-strings-attached nature of this gifting system means that both clients and staff are made to feel appreciated as well as respected. Making use of Mothers’ Day corporate gifting will make the mother figures of any office or corporate setting feel valued by everyone within the environment, thus promoting a healthy setting with greater synergy and productivity.

Let’s also face it, we’ve all come across poorly manufactured corporate gifts before; or simply items that you would rather do without. While it is the thought that counts, quality products should always be used for gifting purposes in order to properly represent your business as thoughtful and refined.

At Ignition, we dedicate ourselves to providing only the highest quality gifts at greatly competitive prices. Whether you’re looking to pick out a product from our vast catalogue of items or you need something to be custom-made, we at Ignition will supply a product tailored to your specific needs.

We supply a number of products that are used for gifting over Mothers’ Day. These include our wide variety of quality vanity items, ranging from luxury bubble baths and bath salts to perfumes and hampers, full of edible treats such as chocolates. Other more extravagant gift ideas include watches, manicure sets as well as leather purses and laptop bags. All items can be specially tailored to suit your unique branding needs. They can also be packaged to create your ideal hamper of choice depending on who you are buying for.

No matter what the promotional strategy is, if you’re looking for quality, well manufactured corporate gifts at highly competitive prices for staff and clients over Mothers’ Day, look no further than Ignition Marketing.

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Alternatively, you can contact us directly and speak to one of our friendly, well-informed sales staff about how you can make this Mothers’ Day an unforgettable one for your clients and staff.

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