Corporate Gifting – National Youth Day

Corporate Gifting – National Youth Day 16 June

National Youth Day is celebrated on the 16th of June in South Africa and is a slightly tender day of remembrance. It is commemorated in honour of the youngsters who lost their lives fighting against apartheid during the Soweto uprising in 1976. Today it is also celebrated for the opportunities that all children in our rainbow nation have available to them despite the hardships and discrimination of the past. This special day of-course further underlines the significance of our youth in a growing and developing nation like SA, with all its prospects for an even brighter tomorrow.

We believe that this is a great event to celebrate, not only as individuals, but also in the business world. Enterprises, small and large, express their great support for the day and its national significance in a number of innovative, strategic and even directly promotional ways. The marketing and brand promotional aspect comes in purely because National Youth Day is a time that draws focus or attracts great attention from everyone across the nation. This is attributed to the fact that this public holiday is one of particularly deep historical and political significance.

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It is true that traditional marketing initiatives can cost you an arm and a leg to see legitimate and continual results. This does not work for most SMMEs as well as various larger and progressive businesses too. Apart from cutbacks, budget constraints and cash flow issues – businesses, no matter the size, are seeking effective results that translate to sustainable sales and lasting relationships, with clients and important stakeholders. This may sound like a lot already, but to go even further, these results need to NOT come at an absolute premium.

Looking outside the box is where Ignition gets its inspiration from; that’s precisely why we specialise in high quality corporate gifting and clothing products via tailored solutions specific to your brand, industry, budget and target market.

Our fantastic array of products includes specific National Youth Day corporate gifts as well as a wide range of categorised gifts, which can all be customised with appropriate brand and youth day messages. By investing and effectively using appropriate gifts, you can share your celebrations with employees as well as clients – all whilst supporting a healthy and socially-significant cause.
From National Youth Day paraphernalia like key rings and mini torches, to functional gifts like laptop bags and cooler boxes; we have all kinds of corporate gifts that you can brand in whatever way you desire.

Show Them that You Care

Businesses are rapidly becoming more entwined with the social environment in which they operate. These organisations are looking to get more involved at a community level in an attempt to confront social issues, especially those affecting the youth. Our corporate gifting solutions are the perfect way in which to express to your valuable clients and employees that you care about and support various social issues. At the same time you will be providing them with excellent gestures of appreciation. This is assured by our careful selection of stocked items, all of which subscribe to the highest industry standards. As members of CGASA the issue of quality and alleviation of sub-par consumer products in the marketplace, is an issue very close to our hearts.

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Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility

We all know how important corporate social responsibility is for developing businesses in today’s market. Corporate social responsibility isn’t only about donating money; it’s about making a conscious effort to uplift a community. Your organisation can contribute to events such as National Youth Day with branded promotional products and giveaways. It is important to remember that raising awareness is just as important as raising money. Corporate gifting and branding is a wonderful method of supporting a great cause, while providing or contributing to social upliftment.

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Make it a Day to Remember

Corporate social responsibility is important, but you may also consider utilising this day of celebration to get your brand’s message out there. The great hype and overall excitement of the day allows you to promote your brand any way you see fit, based on your target group and primary marketing plan. Nonetheless, whether it is a wide scale national impact you are aiming for, or simply a localised contribution within your budget and aimed at maximising brand awareness in your community – our customised solutions will work for you.

Our dynamic team at Ignition is skilled and experienced in terms of ideating, developing and setting into motion uniquely personalised brand strategies. These strategies utilise corporate gifting solutions as an effective vehicle for communication and brand awareness.

So don’t hesitate, call us directly today and speak with one of our helpful staff members about the amazing benefits that you can enjoy with our corporate gifting solutions. Take your company and brand to a whole new level with the professional insight and assistance of Ignition Marketing.

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