Corporate Gifting – National Science Week

Corporate Gifting – National Science Week – 26th July to 2nd August

Every year South Africans celebrate National Science Week by holding an exposition in each province over a week. This event is dedicated to learning, experimenting and finding innovative ways to utilise science in our lives. While each province hosts its own unique event, they are all coordinated and held over the same time period ensuring that everyone gets the chance to partake in the week’s exciting and educational activities. The date for National Science Week this year will be between 26 July and 2 August.

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So why should big brands care about National Science Week?

One of the primary reasons for some of our bigger brands getting involved with National Science Week is largely down to the publicity and attention that this event receives throughout South Africa. With such a diverse group of people partaking in the week’s events, National Science Week is the perfect platform for your brand to showcase its strengths. Add to this the fact that each event is province specific; this allows you to hone in on and target specific groups of people.

What brands can do to support and promote National Science Week

Here at Ignition, we stock a wide variety of quality products that can be customised to fall in line with the philosophies and values behind National Science week. Our range of quality goods will help you express your gratitude toward all of the people that keep your business moving in the right direction.

This of course includes internal and external brand strategies. Staff members represent the fuel of your business’ core, and investing in these relationships produces various benefits – from raise in morale and productivity, to boost in science awareness as well as an appreciation for the business’ involvement in this important discipline, which incidentally affects everyday life so significantly.

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In the case of clients, industry-specific or customised catalogue products from Ignition also achieve a number of great advantages. In addition to feeling valued and appreciated individually, appropriate science gifts and clothing also demonstrate innovative thinking and an out-of-the-box approach to national and global issues. This reflects positively as a whole on the company’s image and invariably creates a positive sentiment on its services and products too. This promotes longevity in relationships and can be based on industry-specific science gifts or general product items, branded appropriately.

How Brands can benefit from National Science Week

Any large national event provides a fantastic opportunity for brands to express gratitude and appreciation toward their clients or employees. This is especially true if your business or organisation provides a service in the science or engineering fields. Over and above reinforcing important ties internally and externally, greater brand awareness is encouraged in the science community and the community at large. Greater visibility is produced as a domino effect seeing that the corporate promotional gifts are brand ambassadors on their own. Word of mouth is also a great by-product of wonderful corporate gifting strategies.

If you want to truly grab hold of and capitalise on this strategic marketing opportunity, feel free to contact us at Ignition Marketing. We have over 10 years experience in the corporate gifting and marketing sectors. We are also widely recognised as industry leaders and an authority in the gifting and branding specialisations. Allow us to assist you by making us your organisation’s official corporate gifting and marketing partner. We stock a number of items procured from only the top suppliers, ranging from a golf bags and tablets to coffee mugs, water bottles and much, much more.

For more information on the fantastic products and services that we have to offer, contact us directly. One of our friendly staff members will gladly assist you with any queries or information you may require.

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