A New Trend towards Clear Bags?

If you carry items in your purse or backpack that you don’t want everyone around you to see, the clear bag might not be for you.

Clear bags are becoming increasingly popular. Blogger and stylist Stella Rose even calls clear fashion “the way of the future.”

There are already instances in which clear bags are required. such as stadiums have bag policies that attendees can bring small clear plastic bags into the stadium. Even some high schools have taken these clear bags into their rulebook!

It’s predicted that in the near future, we’ll see more clear bag requirements at race events, music festivals and at sporting events. The idea, of course, is to save time spent by event staff to check for prohibited items.

As long as it doesn’t obstruct the ability for security personnel to see inside the bag, in most cases a logo is permitted. This makes clear backpacks, totes and cinch bags a great option for back-to-school promotions, event giveaways and even gifts for travelers.

Encourage your audience to embrace the transparency as a way to show off the fancy beauty products, healthy foods and other items that otherwise go unnoticed in a traditional bag. Depending on your specific demographic, promotions targeting women could even include a few beauty items presented in a clear bag.

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