Promotional Products vs Retail Products

Have you ever received a promotional products that looks almost identical to a retail product? In this article we will cover the differences between Promotional Products and Retail Products. and answer some of the frequently asked questions about promotional products.

Q: Is promotional products lower in quality or value?

A: Many promotional products still have to improve on their quality or value, but retail has increased as more retail manufacturers have moved into the promotional industry. These suppliers have not changed their manufacturing practices. In fact some retailers have improved their manufacturing practices for better customer experience! It also depends on the customer or client’s budget, and most of the time customers of promotional products (Corporate Gifts and Corporate Clothing) do not have a lot of budget to afford high end products.

Q: Which kinds of promotional products are manufactured with retail products?

A: As mentioned before retail manufacturers do not retool their factories for either making of promotional or retail products. The products include everything from bags to technology gadgets. And a lot of the times promotional products are branded and sold as a retail product.

Q: The difference between Promotional Products (Corporate Gifts and Corporate Clothing) and Retail Products?

A: There is no difference between Promotional Products and Retail Products as quality, value and customer experience will stay the same for the level of promotional and retail product supplied. Both products can be branded or decorated, for those eye catching designs.

Q: Why use name brand promotional products?

A: When using name brand promotional products like Adidas or Slazenger, the branded company will automatically be associated with these brands. Name brand products are from high quality, value and customer experience.

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