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Fresh for Fall and Trendy Jackets

Ignition Marketing has been scouting styles for the winter and we have seen these two trends:

  1. More popular brands in corporate clothing.
  2. More fashionable styles for women branded clothing.

Bringing more Popular Brands

People already love the popular brand as they use them every day! So a smart move will be to bring those brands into promotional clothing (Branded Clothing or Corporate Clothing). Many will wear a branded jacket or promotional jersey as they are associated to a popular brand!

We have Elevate, Slazenger, Gary Player, Canterbury, Adidas and much more! You can have a look at our brand promotional clothing here!

Branded Jackets for women

A guarantee hit with the ladies are soft shell jackets for outerwear. They are flexible, easy to wear, a lot of zippers and pockets. We have extended our range of Branded Jackets, Branded Jerseys, Branded Polar Fleece and Branded Sweaters to more stylish and fashionable apparel to give ladies (and Men) a more professional look in the corporate world.

Remember, a creative package will leave a positive impact on your consumers or potential clients. Take your previous marketing campaigns and jazz them up with some new and funky thinking!

We have already have specials running for winter outerwear! Click here to have a look at our Winter specials

Or click any of the following links to see the product range we have:

Promotional Jackets, Branded Jackets and Corporate Jackets
Promotional Jerseys, Branded Jerseys and Corporate Jerseys
Promotional Polar Fleece, Branded Polar Fleece and Corporate Polar Fleece
Promotional Sweaters, Branded Sweaters and Corporate Sweaters
Promotional Outerwear, Branded Outerwear and Corporate Outerwear

For more information please contact us on:
08600 GIFTS (44387)
[email protected]

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