National Administrative Day – 3 September

National Administrative Day – 3 September 2014

Corporate gifts for staff that reflect thoughtfulness and quality offer an excellent avenue to thank your dedicated workforce. National Administrative Day each year offers an excellent opportunity to appreciate that part of your most valued staff members who represent the support structure of your business, ensuring your operation is smooth, compliant, documented and well-communicated.

Apart from thanking your admin staff on this special day branded gifts of this nature are excellent brand ambassadors too. Their value is further amplified in the capable hands of your admin employees, who are likely to use any well selected gift on a regular basis, in and out of the office – thus allowing your brand, logo, special message and contact details to be advertised broadly and effectively!

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National Administrative Day, initially known only as Secretaries Day, is currently set aside to pay tribute to all of the hardworking administrative staff members who allow the corporate world to operate smoothly. In South Africa, National Administrative Day is celebrated every year on the first Wednesday of September. The idea for National Administrative Day first came into being in the early 1950’s in the United States of America, and was originally celebrated over an entire week. Today, however, most nations have a day set aside for the event, even though it may still be observed differently in various parts of the world.

National Administrative Day – Engaging Various Stakeholders

Since its inception, this celebration has gathered momentum over the years. Nearly all entities from large multinationals, to SMMEs as well as governmental services play their part in showing appreciation to their respective administrative professionals. Not only is it a workplace observance, but it is also commemorated through social gatherings and community oriented events. The celebration has also paved the way for businesses to capitalise on the tremendous marketing and networking potential that come with the event.

Aligning Your Marketing Strategy – Unleashing Your Brand Power

Most businesses will make use of corporate gifting services in order to shower their support staff, as well as clients’ and potential business partners’ administrative staff, with gifts. In fact more and more businesses in today’s world of high employee turnover are recognising the importance of their own administrative staff and do not waste the opportunity to make to make them feel appreciated. Keeping your staff satisfied and boosting their morale adds great value in your work environment in regards to synergy, cohesiveness, productivity and the realisation of corporate goals.

Ignition – Quality…or Nothing!

Most of us are used to seeing cheap kitschy corporate gifts haphazardly given to staff and clients of particular businesses. Presentation and quality are – however – also of the utmost importance if you are to make a lasting impact on your administrative employees. It’s important to remember they are essentially the driving force at the back end, fuelling and supporting the operational and sales activities at the front end. While most may still argue, it is the thought that counts, it is nonetheless absolutely critical to acknowledge that creating and maintaining the appropriate professional image is non-negotiable when it comes to building your brand reputation!

We at Ignition Marketing remain committed to helping you reinforce your brand identity and unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns. We are not only experienced below the line strategists, but our unmistakable branding expertise and corporate gifting “reputation for results” precedes us! This is undergirded by our proud affiliation to the CGASA – Corporate Gifts Association of Southern Africa – since inception. Our loyal and expanding list of successful and satisfied clients also attests to our pursuit of excellence in service and product offering!

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Cost Effective & Value-Adding Promotional Solutions

Gifts for administrative employees, or stakeholders with administrative staff, needn’t put you completely out of pocket in order to be effective. We provide a wide range of corporate gifts for staff which are likely to meet any reasonable budget allocation.

From affordably priced branded notebooks, to printed stationery items, promotional memory sticks, corporate gear, water bottles, coolers, all the way to executive hampers, exclusive stationery sets and customised gifts, or corporate items taken from concept to production – you won’t have difficulty finding precisely what you require! Seeing that most administrative employees still tend to be female today, you may be wondering about gifts for women. Fortunately, we also provide a number of elegant and stylish gifts ranging from bath sets, to pamper packs and a variety of hampers designed for women with items coming in abroad spectrum of colours, styles and specifications.

In order to find out more about how you can make this National Administrative Day a memorable one for your and your peers’ administrative staff, contact Ignition Marketing and one of our friendly sales assistants will gladly assist you.

Have a look at our Promotional Gifts collection!

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