Earth Day – 22 April

Earth Day – 22 April

Let your business play its part in supporting the preservation of our planet, while also encouraging others to do the same through focused, tailored brand development strategies. Corporate gifting still leads the way when it comes to achieving remarkable ROIs, provided your commitment to quality is reflected in the quality, design, workmanship and customisation of your product range.

A look at a number of campaigns over the years will prove that branding and even gifting in the traditional sense have gotten a little ‘tired’; and a number of businesses have paid the price of “inflexibility”! Just as mankind has been draining the resources of the Earth, through improper management and mismanagement thereof – so too have marketers missed the mark when it comes to fresh, innovative and effective corporate gifting solutions.

In both cases, overuse has caused problems; but if resources are used differently, both can also start to recover! In the case of the Earth, a special day has been allocated annually to edify mankind about the importance of caring for the Earth. This annual event has been celebrated in the month of April since 1970 and is supported by individuals, organisations and essentially those who advocate environmental protection. Mainstream global events and activities relating to Earth Day are facilitated by the Earth Day Network.

And in the case of corporate gifting and branding? Here’s the lesson…

Stay clear of inferior corporate gifting solutions!

At some point or other, everyone has received a tired old gift they didn’t really want. It could have been a pen, a t-shirt or even a stress ball. While these gifts may be serving your business in terms of building a brand, in some cases they are doing more harm than good, since they have become associated with ‘cheap tricks’. On Earth Day this year, you could take the opportunity to use unique branding and new gifts to give your clients an innovative and enticing perspective on your business, your offering, and the codes and standards by which you abide.

Value of quality solutions from a quality provider

Quality gifts and a quality provider go hand in hand. Choosing the service provider is thus, as important as selecting the most appropriate gift for your promotional campaign or initiative – whatever it may be. The beauty of quality corporate gifts lies in the versatile nature of these powerful “brand ambassadors” as they can be easily integrated into your promotional or awareness drives. Ignition Marketing is a member of the CGASA – Corporate Gifts Association of Southern Africa – and subsequently subscribes to only the highest in terms of industry standards, including product quality and service. Our combined knowledge and experience in branding, marketing strategy and gifting solutions enable us to provide you with a tailor made offering. This includes detailed customisation, from displaying of logo and contact details, to special messages in varying formats as well as variations in types, colours, sizes and other specific requirements. We go beyond the call of duty to ensure you are well represented and accurately depicted in terms of your corporate message and brand identity!

But why choose Earth Day?

…Why not any other day of the year? Well, Earth Day is all about fresh starts; essentially, getting people to commit to wasting fewer resources. It could also be a day on which your business gets a fresh start with clients and employees through creative branding and gifting options. This special day is generally not celebrated or observed by many – and this means, while other companies are just focusing on their products and services, you could be looking outwards and make the most of this day. This is a strategic and rewarding move as effective marketing is, to a large extent, fundamentally all about the perfect timing.

Perfecting the approach

You may be wondering though what you could possibly do that would give your clients the impression that you were starting “anew”! The possibilities here are actually endless. When it comes to gifting, you could send a small desktop plant to a client, advising them of your fresh beginning and inviting them to renew their relationship with you and your company. Sending an eco-friendly gift, such as a recycled, upcycled or solar-based item, is also a brilliant way of ensuring you stay top-of-mind, while spreading the right message of preservation, conservation and so on. Best of all, it shows clients that you are focused both on them and on the health of the planet. The same can ideally also be adapted into your staff gifting strategy, which also lets them know how valued they are by your company.

As for branding, you need to have some type of deliberate and strategic intention when utilising giveaways. While you could slap your logo onto a t-shirt and give it away, companies are realising these days that what’s important is to move away from one-way communication towards starting a dialogue. Your conversation starter could be based on an underlying message such as “We’re rebuilding the Earth, one day at a time”. This ensures that consumers think about your brand and relate it immediately to a cause. This means that whenever issues pertaining to the cause emerge – your brand will be top-of-mind! In the case of Earth Day this is broad in the sense that so many pertinent issues such as those relating to energy consumption, pollution, conservation, wildlife and so on, will apply.

Be a little creative this Earth Day and see where your corporate gifting and branding spend could take you. Contact Ignition Marketing today and we’ll help you elevate your marketing strategy and enhance your brand reputation, through the effective use of high quality gifts.

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