Marketing Goes to the Dogs

People love their pets and to pamper them with gifts! Even in hard times people to tend to care better for their pets. Despite the recent or ongoing recession, the pet industry has been booming for the past 2 years. your business doesn’t have to be revolving around pets, but a lot of customers have pets!

Promotional pet gifts are a great way to reach those pet loving customers. Do a marketing campaign to dogs and cat owners with water bowls, collars, pet tags, and loads of other promotional items. There is aso a clothing section just for the doggies and kitties, walking leaches, hoodies and shirts! Winter is the best time to give pet owners doggie hoodies.

The opportunities are endless for these promotional pet products as the pet gifts can be giver out at at outdoor expos, pet expos or sell them to customers. Promotional pet gifts can generate a lot of brand impressions, on the plus side, associating your brand with a loved pet in a family, generates a positive feelings towards your company!

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