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Make St Patrick’s Day count for your business

St Patrick’s Day – 17 March

Make this widely celebrated day count for your business, employees, stakeholders and the community at large by aligning your marketing strategy to campaigns centred on this momentous day.

Background – Who is St Patrick and what is the day all about?

Most people may have heard of St Patrick’s Day, but still aren’t quite sure about its historic and present day significance. St Patrick was the Patron Saint and Apostle who was recognised for introducing Christianity to Ireland. He described himself, and has been credited, as a God-fearing man, who helped multitudes to turn back to God by utilising the gospel to influence them. St Patrick’s Day is consequently a cultural and religious holiday that commemorates the work of St Patrick – AD 385 to AD 461.

In the early 17th century the day was declared an official Christian feast day and has since been observed by very large Christian communities including Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox and Lutheran churches. The influence and commemoration of St Patrick’s Day, however, has spread globally and has even reached non-Christian communities to the point of becoming more or less a ‘global phenomenon’ – particularly in countries where there are strong Irish influences as well as Irish expatriates.

Apart from commemorating St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, St Patrick’s Day also celebrates the rather interesting culture and heritage of the Irish people in general. From public parades, to festivals, and the adorning of green attire or shamrocks – the day is widely celebrated. The shamrock, or three sprigs of a clover, is considered a symbol of Ireland and it is understood that St Patrick used the shamrock symbolically to teach about the Holy Trinity. Many Christians will attend services and Lenten restrictions are lifted for the day. This has contributed towards the tradition of revels around lots of beer, food and laughter!

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Going Green

More and more people these days seem to be on a journey towards making their lives more eco-friendly, more green. This is also reflected in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment initiatives of various small and large enterprises that have embarked on associated projects. Well, on St Patrick’s Day, the chance to go green is even more prominent, especially for those businesses that want to encourage other stakeholders to do the same. A business that wishes to show its clients and staff just how green it can be, could pick no better day than March 17th every year!

Winning your clients over

As you may have gathered already, St Patrick’s Day is technically not about the environment. As a matter of fact in countries across the world it is often celebrated with loud parties, brash singing and big mugs of beer. As a corporate, you may want to take the opportunity to reinvent the day, and its meaning, for your business. For example, some might propose celebrating the day with your clients in your local Irish pub as a great way to bond. But sincerely speaking – what does it really say about your business? Is it really an image that bodes well with your corporate objectives and brand reputation? This is truly where innovative marketing strategy comes in. Traditional campaigning is expensive, time consuming and can take a long time to yield desirable results. That’s why a corporate gift that has all the makings of a quality product, is appropriately branded, and is used in an effective manner – may serve to be a far better choice.

Corporate gifts – the perfect link to connect you and your target clients

You may be wondering just how many branded corporate gifts there are that emphasise a ‘green’ theme. However, if you expand your thinking, going beyond the confines of conventional marketing, you may be surprised to learn that from stationery to desk accessories, pretty much anything you want to use for gifting can be made of recycled, upcycled or reused materials. The underlying message that stems from utilising these types of corporate gits is a positive one for you and your brand. It is one that highlights your company’s commitment to CSR related goals as well as its ethics and moral code, rather than just the client relationship.

Of-course environmentally-friendly gifts to your clients will do wonders in developing your most valued ties with those who are either doing business with you, or could prospectively deal with you in future. Either way a thoughtful gift that can be used, ideally at the office or on the go, with the right “green” message linked to St Patrick’s Day – will not only be informative, but also act as an excellent brand ambassador wherever it is used, shared or displayed!

The Ignition difference

When it comes to eco-friendly gifts Ignition Marketing brings years of experience plus a culmination of skill and branding experience to make your corporate gifting investment richly rewarding for your business. Our comprehensive range of gifts include notebooks, stationery, water bottles, bags, back to work or school accessories, corporate clothing, and memory sticks  just to name a few. Our gifts can be customised, branded to the most detailed of specifications and come in a wide spectrum of colours, sizes and other options. We are a CGASA approved industry specialist and you can rely on our quality and commitment to excellence. The manufacturers, brands and partners we engage with are all leaders in their field, and many are of international acclaim. It is this value and more that we can pass along to you, our valued clients.

Involving your staff

While sending out a message to your client is important, especially if you are very committed to going green, don’t forget about your employees. Your employees are one of the best vehicles you have to spread your brand message and if you start incorporating green initiatives into your corporate ethos now, you have done half the job. The best way to do this is with reminders that your company is committed to this cause. Small desk drops, including recycled notebooks, upcycled paper gifts, or even laptop bags made of recycled materials will spread the message internally that your company is green friendly. Another authentic benefit is the involvement of the staff in a cohesive manner towards common goals. This reinforces staff loyalty, which is a major plus seeing that staff turnover is such a devastating obstacle for growing businesses today.

Closing note…

From your external stakeholders, to those in your inner circle, St Patrick’s Day provides one of the greatest opportunities to engage with them effectively, and around a meaningful cause such as “going green”. So rather than relying on the traditional, ‘done’ ways of marketing your business, why not use 17th March in your current or subsequent calendar to do something a little different, something a little more green, for your clients and employees?

The marketing spend is relatively low while the return on investment, both for you and for the environment, is substantial. Do your bit to support recycling, reusing and upcycling of materials by investing in suitable corporate gifts this St Patrick’s Day – and at the same time ensure that your business makes the right impression! Apart from recycled products there are plenty of small and large gifts that can also be branded and customised to spread the right message and highlight your brand and its commitment to the environment, or any other worthy cause.

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