Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

In this day and age equality for women has come a long way since the struggles and tireless efforts of so many who have diligently fought for their emancipation. Such emancipation has over the years been acknowledged and celebrated on various fronts, from “respect for women”, to taking note of their tremendous “achievements and contributions” in the secular ambit. March 8th on our calendar marks International Women’s Day to commemorate these underlying objectives.

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International Women’s Day – the business context

In spite of the above-mentioned breakthroughs in terms of equality and acknowledgement of women’s social, political and economic contributions, it remains vital to embrace the spirit of the day in full throttle! This is especially significant in the business arena since the corporate platform and equality in the workplace has been a cause of particular concern until fairly recently. In fact it still remains a contentious issue and a work in progress for many even though new frontiers have been broken for women in virtually every nation around the globe.

Developing the women’s market

It is the celebration of International Women’s Day that could be a great way for you and your business to form unique and strategic connections with women in business – as well as those who strongly advocate the essence of women’s rights and their accomplishments. Ignition supplies the widest range of women’s gifts within a host of corporate gifting categories. As a CGASA affiliated gifting specialist our tailored selection of gifts and giveaways, can be adapted and seamlessly integrated into any women’s day initiative or campaign. And what better way to reinforce your support for women than on the foundation of the increasingly popular International Women’s Day?

Developing your competitive edge

Our uniquely branded gifts for women will assure you of a lasting impression on your female staff, clients and other relevant stakeholders. By investing in the appropriate gifting strategy for women you can go so much further in forging new relationships and cementing existing ties, in order to ensure your business gains the competitive edge it deserves! On an external level, those women who are high achievers and continue setting unprecedented standards and goals in the marketplace – like most – would normally love to be recognised for their contributions. Even though some female highflyers prefer to opt out of the limelight so to speak, showing an appreciation for their accomplishments will certainly constitute a smart and unique marketing manoeuvre.

A plethora of options…

From small manicure kits and perfumed body wash ranges, to larger home grooming sets and pamper baskets, there is a wide range of products you can draw on to further your relationships and strategic partnerships with woman in business. Showing your appreciation with thoughtful and competitively priced products such as engraved pens, compact mirrors or even gift vouchers, to mention but a few examples, will go a long way to forming or reinforcing bonds with staff and clients. Such strategy is in no way exclusively limited to women and it can be adapted towards men in order to raise their awareness. These corporate gifts ought to be functional and can be unisex or even specifically for men – but suitably branded or customised to highlight the significance of International Women’s Day. In the alternate women’s gifts or his and hers gifts can be channelled through in lieu of clients and employees plus their wives.

Boosting your workforce

As a marketing executive or business owner you set a precedent when you decide to make a big deal of what others may see as insignificant. Internally, you may find that by celebrating this day, you are also empowering women in your own staff complement to grow, to work harder, more innovatively and to strive further towards high ranking positions of appropriate match. The recognition of the strength and tenacity of women is your opportunity to increase productivity, which invariably spills over into the entire workforce – male and female.

How much to spend?

Success is not solely dependent on your budget, which is why our range of products caters for standard and exclusive gifting options. However, our offering is always based on consistent and the most reliable standards as epitomised by CGASA’s emphasis on high quality corporate gifts.

At the end of the day, any branding or corporate gifting exercise should be a way for you to build positive relationships and create affinity to your brand. On International Women’s Day, businesses looking for a great cause and a unique opportunity to develop their brand, can participate and show their appreciation of women!

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