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Red Nose Day is a well-established and internationally acclaimed charity event that has been a South African staple for over 20 years now! With the sale of merchandise such as the typical plastic red noses, giant red car attachments and much more – businesses continue to enjoy the immense opportunities this day allows in terms of raising funds for worthy charitable causes, while simultaneously promoting their brands too.

Red Nose Day is an important day in our calendar that unifies individuals from all walks of life, and likewise also attracts the welcome participation of various small and large enterprises. Businesses in all industries engage in fundraising, the sale of items commemorating the day, associated promotional drives and related activities. The beauty of this auspicious day lies in the fact that it allows the whole nation to band together and help those who cannot help themselves.

Red Nose Day - Promotional Products

Red Nose Day – Promotional Products

On a day such as this one, that speaks to “unity” and “generosity”, businesses have a wonderful opportunity to not only show their support by purchasing items for staff and clients, but to also use the day as a special teambuilding and corporate branding platform. While there are many other days on which any organisation may want to also focus their efforts and their budgets, Red Nose Day has a meaningful history in the local and global context – and could be an as yet, untapped resource for those businesses that have not capitalised on it before!

This year, 15 March will be that special day! For those businesses embarking on CSR and CSI strategies, or even those simply looking to cheerfully get involved in an event of this magnitude – there are several great benefits to enjoy. As a highly “publicised cause”, Red Nose Day is known to create significant “conversation” and as such offers a favourable opening to generate that much-needed positive brand sentiment. This will reinforce your brand identity as your contribution is likely to become etched in the memories of those who participate and naturally those who benefit too. This is where well timed and suitably planned branding and gifting solutions can serve to help you maximise your Red Nose Day campaign.

Red Nose Day Promotional Product

Red Nose Day Promotional Product

In the Employee Relationship Management arena, making use of branded items such as t-shirts, stationery and even the old favourites – red noses – creates an ideal opportunity to unite under the “Red Nose umbrella”. Organisations who have long tried to unite their staff complement will find that on a day that is dedicated to helping others, individuals can suddenly become communities.

Clients provide businesses with yet another facet through which they can get their brand noticed. For those clients already ‘on the books’, sending gifts that ‘speak’ to the day, with a message about the meaning behind the giveaway, will engender a positive connection to your brand. This goes way beyond a simple e-mail, and yet is far more cost effective than time-consuming traditional marketing initiatives. Potential clients could also be targeted, both with gifts and with specific branded merchandise that emphasise the ethos of your organisation, and that ultimately showcase your business capabilities and underlying value-system.

Corporate gifting and branding should ideally be a part of every business’ marketing budget, and today more and more businesses are recognising the effectiveness of channelling company resources in this direction. This year why not focus your positive efforts beyond the bounds of ordinary advertising and consider partnering your brand with an honourable cause?

In the ambit of specialised corporate gifting and unique brand development activities, Ignition Marketing is your service provider of choice. For a comprehensive range of mainstream Red Nose and associated gifting solutions, tailored to your individual preferences, contact us today. We can help you capture the spirit of Red Nose Day in your corporate branding and gifting strategy…without having to tie yourself to an impossible budget!

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