why notebooks you may be wondering?

Branded Notebooks

January and February are still relatively early days at work. If you have been seeking a “brand communications” contact point that effectively penetrates the clutter of conventional advertising, then look no further than corporate notebooks over this back to work period.

Why branded notebooks you may be wondering?

The “good-old” notebook has clearly stood the test of time, but its usefulness and effectiveness as a branding medium has by no means waned. Notebooks are one of the most consistently utilised tools in the corporate environment, and are used for a variety of purposes including taking notes in meetings, organising events and keeping up to date with business activities and so much more. Plus, it never goes to waste since it’s a versatile stationery item that can be used by young and old, in the office and at home.

Every professional normally needs at least a few new notebooks at the start of the year. Making these items back to work gifts, provides the perfect medium for effective, healthy and non-invasive brand communications. This is also a strategic move that has benefited a number of businesses over the years to entrench their brands in the minds of their target market.

Our advantage is that we utilise only highly reputable manufacturers and suppliers for our products and materials. We focus on maximising the value enjoyed when you make an ‘investment’ with us – and no matter how small it may be, you can be assured of a corporate gifting solution that’s customised to suite your exact needs. This way we can guarantee quality merchandise that will continue to promote your brand identity and message as intended: professionally, accurately and without branded notebooks falling apart at the seams or fading over time. Our dedicated customer support and aftercare services are also fine tuned to handle any query you may have.

We also enjoy working with our clients to generate real and effective branding strategies that tie intelligently into their strategic marketing plan. For quality back to promotional notebooks, service you can rely on, and for maximum return on your available budget, look no further than Ignition!

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