Promotional Products Make an Impression!

The average number of impressions each promotional product receives was calculated. The number of impressions a product makes was derived from multiplying how long a recipient has the product to how many people he comes into contact with each month while using it.

In South Africa, we again saw that bags generated the most impressions (5,983) of any item in the study. That’s because bags are frequently used, often in public places, like shops, workplaces, the gym and schools, where they can be seen by many people. Other items that deliver extremely high numbers of impressions in South Africa include writing instruments, caps, outerwear, calendars and shirts.

The accompanying charts illustrate the top five products, by country, that deliver the most impressions:

Key Takeaway For Promotional Products

While the exact ranking of impressions changes somewhat from location to location, the overall list of products generating the most impressions is consistent. Promotional Clothing consistently deliver a high number of impressions, and in South Africa, bags deliver the most impressions every year.

Items that create the fewest impressions tend to be those intended mostly for one person, such as health and safety items and USB drives/Flash Drives/Memory Sticks. The value of these items is more in the connection they make with the user than the total number of impressions generated.

We work with clients to determine the goals of their campaigns and the connection they want to establish with the intended recipient before selecting the right promotional product to deliver their message. Taking into account the number and quality of the impressions generated, in addition to some of the demographic considerations shown earlier, gives us the opportunity to serve as a consultant.

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