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Leisure Bags – Event hand-outs

Event hand-outs

Apart from targeted distribution, a lot can also be achieved by promotional hand-outs or giveaways. You may not always be able to perform a five or even one minute pitch to a host of potential customers, but you can certainly sow the right seeds that will germinate and produce the right results – all by themselves! Yes – handing our promotional bags, shopping bags and the likes, will be received with wide-open arms…and at the end of it, it’s nearly impossible to avoid looking and “registering” in your mind the company name and logo that’s boldly printed on it.

The potential is in fact exponential, because each recipient becomes a brand ambassador either through the leisure bags or through word of mouth. Both of these produce keener market awareness of your brand, and this rise in ‘attentiveness’ will also attract new prospects.

These new prospects are not only potential brand ambassadors themselves, but could very well add to your growing customer base too. This healthy cycle makes an ongoing and decent investment in promotional leisure bags a fabulous spend indeed, with excellent ROIs! This type of advertising is perfect for the likes of House-and-Garden Shows, expos, and similar events since visitors are often given many hand-outs throughout the show.

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