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Leisure Bags – Effective brand communication

Effective brand communication

We’ve established that branded leisure bags can carry your company name and details into important social environments that traditional marketing strategies would either fail to penetrate, or demand a substantial investment to penetrate effectively. Subsequently – since promotional leisure bags are such strong carriers of your “enterprise message” all that remains is to combine the product with effective marketing campaigns.

As history has proven – and given the continually adapting appetites and expectations of consumers – any marketing strategy is only as effective as the commitment of the organisation’s leaders to implement it consistently in the long-term. Such implementation has to be diligent, forcefully effective, directly focused, and perpetual in order to synchronise with the ultimate goal of building a growing and “sustainable” business. So, in order to maximise the reach and impact of your printed leisure bags, you need to firstly make the investment with a reputable supplier. You need to then place your high quality and professionally branded bags into the hands of the right people, with the objectives of building customer and brand loyalty, and maximising awareness or “VISIBILITY” of your brand.

Now, this can include your staff and clients, but an easy way to identify the right groups within your target market is to profile the individuals. The main criteria would be those who are outdoor-enthusiasts, those who love to work-out, sportsmen and women, and generally those who love or are showing interest in leading an “active” lifestyle. In reality, when you think about it, there are very few people who – in one way or another – would not find good use for corporate leisure bags. At worst it may go to another member of the family who could make ‘better use of it’. Nevertheless, this really is the beauty of corporate gifts such as printed bags, even shopping bags, drawstring bags and so on – they are functional, generally liked by all, and will often sit on top of the pile for easy reach, rather than hidden away in the storeroom for a ‘rainy day’.

Remember there are many occasions, many settings, many groups of employees, and many uniforms that will go hand-in-glove with corporate leisure bags rather than more formal work bags. Sometimes you may be hosting a casual day, or a teambuilding function out of the CBD, and your branded bags will prove to be both convenient and effective marketing tools. This essentially highlights the importance of printed leisure bags for employees who attend conferences, venture into new areas, or travel for business, as they clearly communicate your brand message to all ‘viewers’. Leisure bags of commendable standards, like those stocked by us, also show the marks of skilful design and visual appeal. They therefore add value and complement the appearance of the employee. The situation is similar with existing or potential clients, who will find themselves gladly carrying around your brand as they go about their usual activities.

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