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Having a positive business relationship is often the first step in keeping and growing business between companies and their clients. Of course, any relationship is made up of many aspects but within the business world, showing thanks and devotion to clients can be done in various ways.

Corporate gifts are a kind offering that many businesses, both small and large ensure that they provide clients with every year. Whether corporate gifts are given out annually for important parts of the year or distributed in order to promote a business or brand, corporate gifts need to be selected very carefully. Handing out calendars and coffee mugs, as useful as it may be, can become laborious for clients as they probably receive the same sort of corporate gifts from other companies.

Corporate clothing is often a more enjoyable gift as more often than not the item/s is something that can be used out of the working environment.

Ignition Promo offers an array of corporate gifts for any time of the year and for any sort of business. The corporate clothing range offers a selection of men’s and women’s clothing for a smart or casual look.

Corporate gifts for clients

The branding of corporate gifts offers companies the chance to make use of the many benefits of having their logo or company name on the clothing item.

  • Improves awareness and recognition
  • Shows company values
  • Shows company loyalty
  • Shows trust between company and the client

Using corporate clothing as promotional gifts

Using branded corporate clothing to distribute to non- clients as a promotional gift at events etc. comes with its own set of advantages.

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Shows company quality
  • Sets company apart from others

Corporate clothing for staff

Corporate clothing is also a very effective tool to use internally. Having staff wear corporate clothing not only provides a uniform, but it offers a marketing tool to make full use of. No matter what industry a business is in, its staff are its greatest asset and making sure they not only represent a business but market it effectively too (through corporate clothing), is the best money a company and brand will ever spend.

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