More than just a Gifting Industry!

The promotional gifts industry plays a vital role in the marketing mix of any brand. In fact, it is a vital and integral part and to brush its value aside is to ignore the power of collaborative partnerships.

These so called ‘gifts’ are an effective communications media and tangible publicity carriers whose message is relevant to their value. The word “gifts” is in fact misleading and people in the business environment often allude to the services and products offered by our industry in a disparaging manner. Statements such as “below-the-line advertising”, “bribery”, a “necessary evil”, “Christmas hand-outs”, and even “gimmicks” is terminology often used to describe promotional gifts.

Follow the Trend

Simply put: promotional products is one advertising medium among many, with equal rights to exist, and serves the purpose of enhancing the persuasiveness of a publicity slogan and creating awareness of company products and services.

The power of corporate, promotional and advertising gifts, if used wisely as a marketing tool, is such that the marketing spend in South Africa is poised to exceed that of conventional advertising – print, television, radio and outdoor – a trend already notable in the USA and Europe. It would therefore be wise to follow the above mentioned trend and remove the ‘grudge purchases’ status attached to promotional or advertising gifts.

Certified Professionals

Gone are the days when you could give a thoughtless bottle of whisky to a teetotaller and expect to retain their business. Ours is an intricate industry employing tens of thousands of people and contributing billions of Rands towards the national GDP. We are not the “poor cousin” of the conventional advertising agencies.

With the ever-evolving technological advances, the affordability of travel, the numerous trade fairs, and the ability to source and brand almost any product, the gift industry has reached unprecedented levels of sophistication.

At our fingertips we, together with you the client, can go on virtual factory tours and learn how products are manufactured and how product images can be extracted from databases; and within hours, sophisticated websites and web-shops can be created. From these websites, ideas and quote sheets, as well as e-catalogues can be produced for your perusal. This allows you the client to also view virtual samples of what your corporate logo will look like when it’s branded on a product, all this before making a final purchasing decision. To make these purchasing decisions with confidence by dealing only with accredited ROSA member companies who have the correct tools, expertise, and the commitment to service and quality. Which will only make you and your company image look great.

Ignition Marketing is an accredited ROSA member and would be grateful to introduce to you our products and services at your convenience.

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