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Corporate Branding and Clever Lines of Copy, More Than an Afterthought

Corporate gifts and clothing have formed an important part of company marketing for decades. Think back to when a salesman handed you either a pen or coffee mug, just as soon as documents were signed. Lately gifts have been modernized to keep up with changing times and with it came thought-provoking clever lines of copy.

clever lines of copy. These are memorable slogans branded on the corporate gifts given to your clients. These ensure that your company is the first to come to mind when that important occasion arises. They also bring a smile that is likely to linger as well as the memory of you, your company and your brand.

Consider these corporate gifts and examples of clever lines of copy:

Mint tins, “Your smile is worth a mint”

Wet wipes “Wipe your IT problems away”

These are both clever and memorable. A diverse range of corporate gifts can likewise be labelled strategically and creatively with clever lines of copy, from notebooks to hampers. In the case of packaged jelly beans, “Its BEAN great doing business with you” or with gifts such as torches “Risk solutions that will never leave you in the dark”. In todays competitive marketplace these are sure to stick in consumers’ minds.

A company’s message for example, “once you go Mac you can’t go back”. This attention-grab line will be remembered and most likely be shared with others.

A message of this nature is an alternative to the standard isolated use of a company logo or pay-off line. Results show that a corporate message of this nature cannot be shrugged off and should be maximised at all cost. Think of these gifts and associated clever lines of copy, syringe highlighter pens, “Injecting passion into everything we do”, or a simple item such as stress putty, “Shaping your brand for a greater future”. The significance of sending a strong message to clients cannot be overstated. It is said that half of the gift value lies in the long-lasting remembrance of its line of copy.

Finding the right branding partner

Connect with a reputable company with whom you can build a long-term relationship for your on-going corporate gift requirements. When you need to expand on current marketing strategys, ensure that your service provider is willing and able to assist you with world class creativity. Your corporate branding company should understand the emphasis you place on brand recognition and should help you come up with fresh ideas, such as these clever lines of copy, keeping your brand at the forefront. Let your company make an impression, with an outstanding line of copy! Our highly creative team of experts would love to assist you with making you and your company look and feel GREAT!

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