Market Penetration and Advertising for Printed Memory Sticks

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Market Penetration and Advertising for Printed Memory Sticks

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Market Penetration

These branded memory sticks can also carry the vital information you wish to communicate directly to your target market, as well as spread through word of mouth and online information sharing. You can also take advantage of software features, such as “autorun” – which enables the user to simply insert the branded memory stick into the relevant port and a default menu opens up automatically offering several options to view, save and manage the different files stored on it. Alternatively, manual access is also simple and the file types may include videos, audio tracks, images or any other digital formats that you prefer. Once you combine well-assimilated information with an attractive and useful product, you have the makings of a corporate gifting solution that’s capable of achieving supreme results fairly quickly – and with lasting benefits!

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Unique Advertising and Promotions

Printed or laser-etched memory sticks can also be utilised for fun and highly-effective advertising campaigns. A good example of this would be for a company to give out printed memory sticks with ciphered information on it. The receivers, which could be prospective clients, would then have to perform an online ‘treasure hunt’ or various digital activities to receive parts of a code. Once a participant has found the entire code they can then access the memory stick to find the answer to a competition. The competition can be linked to prizes that highlight the services or product offering of the host. This can certainly create an extremely effective campaign, and is just one of the many ways that branded memory sticks can be utilised to get your exact target market involved and interacting with your brand. This way you are sure to build on your loyal customer base without neglecting your existing consumers!

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